Organization Profile

Chicago District Campground Association

The Chicago District Campground Association was established in 1860 is over 150 years old with 129 buildings and structures on the grounds including 103 cottages and 14 public buildings built between 1865 and 1928. The campground is honored by The National Registry of Historic Places, making this a valuable place to visit. As such, it is necessary to maintain its integrity, so restoration and preservation projects are ongoing. The campground promotes community services and activities of various types directed towards innovation, sustainable community development, and environmental stewardship. Our new revitalization plan is focused on the preservation, restoration, and elevation of all buildings, plus new programs, activities, and events that support a peaceful, healthy clean energy future. The Historic Methodist Campground values diversity as a dynamic and integral part of cultural education. Programs and events foster camaraderie and a sense of community. HMC is entering a new phase of sustainable community development to revitalize the campground for future generations. Assistance is required in all areas of redevelopment including but not limited to: A) Buildings; B) Grounds; C) Infrastructure; D) Programs; E) Events; F) Marketing & Communications; G) Grant Writing; H) Fundraising; I) Archives

Civic & Community
1250 Camp Ground Road, Des Plaines, IL, 60016