Organization Profile

The mission of Kinship United is to unite people separated by war and tragedy, rebuild loving families for orphans and widows, and create networks of local churches and rescue centers. You may have heard it said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” At Kinship United, we have found that to be proven true again and again. Kinship United partners with villages or kinships in Africa and Asia to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children. We equip indigenous pastors and widows to care for orphaned and abandoned children in Kinship Church Homes – over 200 established in 15 years. Our mission is to get kids who don’t have anyone to take care of them to a place where no one can hurt them. We do this by establishing churches with native tribes and kinships that restore broken childhoods in Christ through a three-phase process: The first step is relief: to rescue children from the emergency situation such as a refugee camp or a disaster area. They are given a health check-up and receive treatment for parasites and lice. Each child takes a bath, the first many have had in months, and is given new clothes. This step, as small as it may seem, is crucial to restoring their dignity and self-worth. Second, we begin the healing and restoration process. The children need to see, day in and day out, that the necessities they have been lacking, such as food, clothing, and shelter – are now permanent. Their life until their rescue was full of such uncertainty and disappointment that this stage takes time but the immense love of their caregivers eases the transition, as each child learns how to trust again. Third, they receive ongoing care and rehabilitation. The kinship acts as the primary support system for the rescue home. The real impact comes after the children grow up and build lives of their own. A child never ages out of our Church Homes; they can stay as long as they need to as they finish schooling and acquire the skills to provide for themselves.

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