Court Appointed Volunteering

If you need to fulfill Court Appointed volunteer requirements please follow these instructions:
Click here to see search results for Court Appointed Volunteer Opportunities. This will bring you to a list of area nonprofits who will accept mandatory court appointed volunteers with specific volunteer opportunities. Feel free to refine the search criteria by age, location, interests area or any of the other available options.

Once you find a volunteer opportunity that is of interest:

  • Click on the title to view full volunteer opportunity description
  • Next, click on the “Express Interest” box near the bottom of the description page to send your contact information to the volunteer coordinator of the organization you selected
  • You will be asked to register as a volunteer and then the information will be sent.
  • The volunteer coordinator will then be in contact with you via phone or email to discuss your participation in their program

There are age requirements and offense exclusions that may preclude an organization from allowing you to fulfill your court appointed hours. It is at the discretion of the specific nonprofit organization.

Be aware that it does take some time to get started with most of the programs, so it may take 2 weeks or more before you can begin your hours.