As an agency selected to take part in the "Points of Light" Service Enterprise Initiative, the Center of Concern has realized a tremendous increase in volunteer capacity.  Most notably, our participation in the SEI program attracted the interest of a volunteer  who eventually became a dedicated  Volunteer Coordinator. 

Together with three other team members, volunteer Tracy Holmes attended the SEI training sessions and soon assumed a leadership role in formulating goals to enhance our pool of 250 volunteers.  Through the creation of over 30 action steps,  our agency now embraces more effective recruitment, on-boarding, risk reduction, and the engagement of skilled and non-skilled volunteers.  By sharing many of the tools and principles of the SEI training with agency staff and volunteers, Tracy has been instrumental in improving service delivery in our Senior Support and Housing Solutions programs. The creation of comprehensive manuals for office and field volunteers, well-defined job descriptions, and effective engagement of key stakeholders has enabled our staff and volunteers to more effectively address needs in our community.  In addition, these tools have defined new volunteer opportunities, clearer  expectations for performance, and better communication between staff and volunteers. 

Since embracing the Service Enterprise Initiative, our accomplished Volunteer Coordinator Tracy Holmes has allowed our small staff to maintain a stronger focus on case management duties while benefitting from a  more competent volunteer staff with well defined job descriptions and expectations. 

On behalf of the Center of Concern family, thank you for the tremendous opportunity to enhance our services through the Service Enterprise Initative training.

John McNabola, Executive Director

Center of Concern